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I was always a sports enthusiast from a young age, having been athletic and active in different kind of sports especially in track & field, I started practising yoga in 2014 to incorporate a stretching and conditioning component into my workout plan. I was mesmerised by how yoga brought my mind of wondering to one of peace after trying my first yoga class at a gym that I joined. Since then, my studies and practices in this ancient discipline have led me to grow physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

It was in 2016 that I decided to deepen my practices and to train to become a yoga teacher to share the benefits of movement and healing through yoga. I approached Dr. Yogananth Andiappan for my first Hatha Yoga Teacher Training. Soon after, I started to teaching at different yoga studios. Inspired by the connection to my students, I continued my commitment to grow my path of yogic discovery with the guidance of Clayton Horton who has been my main teacher and guided me with patience ever since I started to practice Ashtanga Yoga. Clayton has inspired me to understand this ancient tradition and to teach with integrity and compassion. I have recently completed 200 hours Ashtanga Teacher Training with Clayton in May 2021.

My teaching approach is energising yet grounding and challenging yet compassionate. I am a dedicated practitioner of Ashtanga practice under Clayton Horton’s tutelage and she believes that with consistency, devotion and dedication, physical and mental growth will come long on and off the mat. I aim to impact my students on the knowledge and insights I have received from my teachers, to motivate and connect with students in their quests for fitness and wellness through intention, meditation, pranayama and asana practice, to share the gift of yoga with others, to offer the students her gratitude and devotional service.

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Dennis, student

“Agnes’s class is a lot of fun and helps strengthen every part of my body. She teaches students to take good care of their body and be patient with their practice. I’ve improved a lot since practising with Agnes and I never feel bored in her class. 

Beside yoga posture and alignment, she also teaches drills and practical skills that is useful to our yoga practice."

Natalie, student

“Agnes is a really great teacher and her class is enjoyable. She teaches with clear instructions and demonstration. The warm-up, techniques and drills she teaches has prepared me for some advance poses and flows as well. Her dedication and enthusiasm towards yoga have inspired me to pratice. I always enjoy being in her class"

Eillie,  student

“Agnes’s class is both fun and challenging and always leave me feeling stronger and refreshed afterwards. She is a very patient teacher and really cares for her students and their progress. She is everything you want in a yoga Teacher and I’ve improved so much since joining her class!"

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